Customized Financial Solutions

OCP Asia is an established investment manager with a proven track record of providing customized secured lending solutions for small and medium sized enterprises across the Asia Pacific region. Our Secured Direct Lending franchise has been developed with a commitment to establishing corporate governance incentives through credit facilities which align the best interests of our investors with those of key stakeholders of our investment companies. Our borrowers commend our professionalism and execution credibility. Our investors appreciate our distinctive investment strategy.

Our Approach

OCP Asia is able to leverage a diverse range of assets into financial solutions that provide operational certainty while being less dilutive to stakeholders than typically experienced with traditional capital sources. We believe that established relationships, strong fundamental credit analysis and long-term commitment to the region are essential to success in Secured Direct Lending in the Asia Pacific region.

Our People

OCP Asia believes that Secured Direct Lending is a people business. We understand the inter-personal dynamics of each borrower and its stakeholders as a means of successfully originating new investments and optimizing outcomes. We take pride in the long-term stability, diversity and robust localized knowledge of our investment team.