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Secured Direct Lending is a people business.

Over the past decade we have built a team of seasoned professionals from across the region with a diverse but complimentary set of skills including banking, complex structuring, capital markets, workouts, legal and operations. The common purpose of our team is to provide our borrowers with innovative and flexible Secured Direct Lending solutions.

Deep-rooted relationships are the core of our organization and we take great pride in the long-term stability of our investment team which boasts strong relationships with borrowers and intermediaries that have been established over the last two decades. We believe that the credibility and stability of our investment team is key to engendering trust and maintaining our robust pipeline through all stages of the business cycle.

  • A proven leadership team with combined experience of over 60 years in credit investing and risk management
  • An experienced investment team based in Singapore and Hong Kong
  • Extensive geographical coverage across the region through long established relationships with local market intelligence and understanding

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Stu Wilson
Teall Edds
Dan Simmons


Nick Cusack
Colin Smith
Ben Harris
Ernest Lee


Edward Han
Rob Bond
Chaw Siong Tay
Il-Yong Jung
Dolynn Yap
Chin Yee Teo
Michael Lau
June Chun
Bobby Tan
Power Siu
Justin Poon
Sze Shin Lee
Alvin Adisusanto
George Leung
Lisa Ong
Geoffrey Sim
Reeve Lin
Ming Zhi Lam
Michael Siu