OCP Asia provides customized secured lending solutions to small and medium sized enterprises across the Asia Pacific region.

Since 2004 our team has completed more than 116 Secured Direct Lending investments totaling approximately $5 billion. At the core of our business is our desire to work with borrowers to understand their businesses and their specific needs and to provide dynamic, bespoke lending solutions that meet those requirements. Our experience and agility in the way that we are able to structure our Secured Direct Lending product often allows for solutions that traditional bank lenders are not able to provide. We have a track record of offering our borrowers credible and efficient structures for a wide range of purposes across the business cycle including growth, acquisition and recapitalization.

Our efforts have been recognized with various awards over the past decade including:

  • AsiaHedge Specialist Finance and Credit Fund of the Year 2018
  • AsiaHedge Specialist Finance and Credit Fund of the Year 2016
  • AsianInvestor Distressed/Special Situations Fund of the Year 2012
  • AsiaHedge Fixed Income, High Yield & Distressed Fund of the Year 2011
  • AsianInvestor Credit Fund of the Year 2010
  • AsiaHedge Multi-Strategy Fund of the Year 2007

The team has also been recognized for deal-specific awards.